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The Classified Connection

The Classified Connection is website promotion and submission software for submitting your business, product, or services ads to classified sites on the Internet. Post thousands of free classified ads in fewer than 10 minutes using the 95-port submission system. In addition, within the full system, ...

Shareware  4,060k 1317 Creative Software Systems

Pets Classified Script

iLister Pets Classified Script is a highly customizable multi-language and SEO-optimized pet classified script. iLister Pets is an awesome tool for creating a profitable pets classified website featuring pets of different species, animal care products and related professional services with its flexible membership plan system ...

Demo  24,279k 680 WorksForWeb

CraigsList Classified Clone

Craigslist Clone PHP classifieds script. Run your own distinct classifieds site which is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use classified ads solution.CraigsList Classified Clone is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use, turn key classifieds solution. Developed in PHP and MySQL, This classifieds works ...

Shareware  9,533k 622 NetTrekk, Inc.

Yacht Classified Script by StivaSoft

Yacht Classified script by StivaSoft is PHP based listing script for everyone who wants to list, sell or rent yachts and boats. Custom solution with full PHP source code at a fraction of the price! Our Classified script have super user friendly interface, editable car ...

Commercial  123k 647 StivaSoft Ltd

! Free Classified Ads and Auction Post Release New Free Classified Ads and Auction Software.Free Classified Ads and Auction Post version 1.01 is a freeware that allows seller to post classified ads and auction to +28,101 sites in a single post. is an online marketplace that offers a selection of ...

Freeware  344k 3148 YellowPages t35 com

The Classified Connection Affiliate Kit

The Classified Connection affiliate partner program. 25% commissions on direct sales, 5% commission on downline sales. Earn an additional income marketing our #1 rated website promotion and submission software. Free to join!

Freeware  2,389k 1910 Creative Software Systems

Classified Script

iLister, a multi-purpose classified script, is a highly customizable multi-language and SEO-optimized PHP classified software. iLister is ideal for multiple category classified website projects (cars, real estate, scripts, pets, electronics, clothing etc). iLister can also be used as a Yellow Pages-like business listing website with ...

Demo  27,177k 508 WorksForWeb classified ad Perl script

A Simple, fast and very configurable classified ad Perl program. Can be easily modified to be a message board

Freeware  257k 378

Classified Tracker

A business man awakes from sleeping on his advertised mattress, showers with advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, drives his advertised car to his business, which is failing because he believes that advertising doesn't ...

Shareware    394 Coronel Data Processing, LLC

MyFree Classifieds

Posting free classified ads has never been this easy, but not only is it easy, but its fast, really fast! As the leader in classified submission software, Creative Software Systems has done it again with another free classifieds product for free classified advertising on the ...

Shareware  2,866k 1322 Creative Software Systems

Small Business Security Manager

The Small Business Security Manager is designed to assist the classified facilities security officer (FSO) with visitor control, employee security training, and document control duties. It meets the US Government's Facilities Security requirements is these three areas. A user friendly interface, numerous reports, batch employee ...

Shareware  8,172k 1348 Custom Business Applications Corporation
KnowboForm Website Submission Tool

KnowboForm Website Submission Tool

KnowboForm is a site submitter software for website submission, promotion and marketing. It is developed by webmasters; for webmasters, website owners, on-line businesses, and site submission service providers. As a multi purpose submission tool KnowboForm will help you semi automatically submit your sites to thousands ...

Shareware  4,882k 778 Knowbotron

Car Dealer Script by StivaSoft

Car Listing script is a professionally developed auto classified system; a super easy and user friendly interface. A perfect solution for webmasters and web designers. With only a few steps and a single developer licence purchase, you can install the script on any car dealership ...

Commercial  123k 877 StivaSoft Ltd

Pet Listing Script

Pet Listing script by StivaSoft is a PHP based classified script for everyone who wants to list / sell pets. Professionally developed classified script with with full PHP source code at a fraction of the price! Our classified script have super user friendly interface, editable ...

Commercial  123k 734 StivaSoft Ltd

Job Listing Script / ClassifiedsGeek. com

Job Listing Script is a professionally developed PHP classified system with an easy and user friendly interface. A perfect solution for webmasters and web designers. With only a few steps and a single licence purchase you can install the script on any website and have ...

Demo  123k 794 StivaSoft Ltd

Property Listing Script by StivaSoft

Property Listing script is a professionally developed classified system with an easy and user friendly interface. A perfect solution for webmasters and web designers. with only a few steps and a single licence purchase you can install the script on any website and have a ...

Demo  123k 670 StivaSoft Ltd

Global Trade Poster

Powerful internet marketing software which can cross post your trade leads and classified ads to 1500+ trade message boards, classifieds and newsgroup. It's a powerful business searcher too. By using this great software, you can search for your target customers, trade leads and other business ...

Shareware  2,126k 1178 Mike Lin


PrintSniffer is a software that allow system administrator to monitor and control printing in their corporate network. Versatile logging and reporting features allow for a clear view of what is being printed, how much paper is consumed, etc. In order to avoid vast printing expenses ...

Shareware  460k 896 Bizon Inc
Flash Saver

Flash Saver

Flash Saver is designed to fulfill your requirement of saving Flash animations to your hard disk by a simple click. The New Version can not only save Flash animations from the current web page you are surfing, but also it can search from local cache ...

Shareware  1,075k 1553 Merry Christmas Screensavers Studio Car Searcher

Use the Car Searcher to search from more than 10,000,000 new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs! This program lets you use the power of CarGroove to find the car of your dreams within your price range! Very easy to use, yet very powerful! ...

Freeware  757k 1335 RoadSide Software LLC


We are proud of our latest version MessengerLog pro for its ability to log everything from Windows Live Messenger, including winks, emotion icons, sent and received files, hand writing, text font and colors, the online status of your contact, and all the activities like audio/video ...

Shareware  889k 1023 YourSoft Inc

SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter

SpamWeed is an innovative spam filter for all POP3 email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail, Pegasus Mail and others). It uses a combination of statistical classification, ID-tracking and other state-of-the-art technologies. SpamWeed can block over 95% spam instantly with almost no false positives. Emails ...

Shareware  2,178k 851 http www spamweed com
PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer

PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer

Currently virtually all Soccer games can be classified under two gaming styles: the first person arcade style action game or the Football Manager game. Tactical Soccer gives you a third choice. Tactical Soccer is an exciting new turn-based simulation of the soccer match. You control ...

Demo  7,255k 1678 PlaceforGames


Promote your Web site to more than 1,540+ Internet search engines.Plus your link will be added to 5,000,000+ FFA LINKS.WebtrafficGuru helps you to auto-submit your Web site to thousands of search engines, directories, news/classified sites, hot sites, and online malls in a few clicks. After ...

Shareware  1,754k 678 Can guru
Secura Backup Professional

Secura Backup Professional

Secura Backup Professional is powerful professional backup software that specializes in 128 bit secure backups to local drives, network paths, FTP sites, CD/DVDs, and even E-Mail addresses. Secura Backup's 128 bit encryption ensures that your data is secure both during the transfer and at the ...

Shareware  2,682k 1163 Perception
Global Defense Network

Global Defense Network

The GDN is a combination of fast paced shooter and rhythm action game with an intriguing sci-fi plot spread evenly throughout. The Global Defense Network has released their proprietary training simulator to the public. Charged with defending against aggressive extra terrestrial activity, the GDN has ...

Shareware  4,129k 1275 Evertt com

Swipe Pro

Did you know that when you delete a file from Windows the file may remain on your hard drive for years? Did you know that it takes only a fraction of a second to recover confidential information you thought you destroyed. Deleting files improperly can ...

Shareware  3,458k 868 Quantum Digital Security


Zoot is an Information Processor used by professional writers, researchers, journalists, and other computer users who need to process large quantities of information. Zoot offers a highly efficient process for collecting, reviewing and labeling raw information so that it can be classified, prioritized and viewed ...

Shareware  6,193k 1200 Zoot Software

Secrets Protector Pro

A three-in-one privacy protector tool built for those who like their personal stuff handled carefully. This product gives you the features of a folder locker, a secure eraser and a privacy manager. The Hide Secret File?s proud successor, enforced with strong encryption, secure file deletion ...

Shareware  1,232k 1137 E CRONIS
Crisystec Sentry.30

Crisystec Sentry.30

Crisystec Sentry is an easy to use powerful and flexible data cleaning system for a single user Windows PC. Daily use protects you from unwanted data becoming permanently hidden in your PC. Crisystec Sentry takes care of all of your privacy concerns. With state of ...

Shareware  7,834k 1137 Secure PC Solutions Inc
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